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The Enemy

The story of the rise of the Nazi Party as seen through photos from original German propaganda books brought home by John.

Historical images of Hitler and the
Nazi Party's rise to power.

Note: This section of our site contains explicit images of Hitler and Nazi imagery, including the Nazi swastika.

We have purposely excluded such imagery from all other areas of this site.

These images are presented for historical purposes only.

We feel it is essential for all people, everywhere, to remember the things that happened to cause the horrors of World War II. Understanding and remembering the past is crucial if we are to prevent future mistakes.


"Thus It Came!" The important story of the rise of the Nazi Party and Adolph Hitler.

Photographs from a German propaganda history book meant to lionize the Nazi Party as the saviours of the German nation.
Seeing through the propaganda now, we can use this resource to tell the cogent and true story of the rise of extreme authoritarianism in Nazi Germany.


A Joseph Goebbels propaganda book called "Hitler In His Mountains" illustrating how Hitler was turned into a national saviour and object of mass reverence. 

The select photos presented from this book will give a glimpse into the kind of propaganda presentation that was being made to the German people and the rest of the world.

This site was originally published for John's 75th birthday in September, 2000.
It was revised and updated in 2011 and again in this responsive form in 2020.
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