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Memories, Maps, & Events

• "My Memories" – John's personal account of his
   war experiences.

• Official Map of the 12th Armored Division Activities
   in the European Theater.

• "Speed Is The Password" – A booklet describing
   the events of the 12th AD.

• "Field Reports" – Activities of Company C during the war,
   typewritten by John.


John's own memories of the
war events from his writings
and from interviews taken
in May, 2005.
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Official Theater of War Map of the 12th A.D.
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The entire story of the "Mystery Division," detailed in the Army booklet called "Speed Is The Password,"
which John obtained at the conclusion of the war. It is presented here in its entirety.
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Here, you'll find some interesting Field Reports. These are John's original typewritten pages – some terse and others humorous –chronicling the day-to-day events and progress of his Company C.
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At 19, John Crews was one of the youngest members of his Company,

The Nazis came to fear the 4th and 12th Armored Divisions more than others because they moved with such speed and audacity as they made their daring push through the German lines and into the heartland of the Reich. 

Loaned to General Patton, the 12th A.D. became the "Mystery Division" and served as a spearhead for the dash to the Rhine.

Extremely bitter winter conditions harshened the miseries of the combat push.

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