Gallery One

Digital art can emulate traditional non-electronic media and, of course, go far beyond those techniques to create scenes impossible to make any other way. The images here represent both extremes. All images were done on Mac G4 or G3 desktop systems using a Wacom tablet and utilizing a variety of software tools including Photoshop, Painter, Studio Artist, and Bryce.

[Note: These are compressed JPEG versions of the artwork and do not contain the full quality or resolution of the original works.]

Images by David P. Crews

©2001-2002 - All rights reserved.


"Gates of Forever"

© 1998 David P. Crews


"Bali Hai "

© 2001 David P. Crews



© 2001 David P. Crews


"Sargasso Sea "

© 2001 David P. Crews


"Red Gate "

© 2001 David P. Crews



© 2001 David P. Crews


"Narrow Guage "

© 2002 David P. Crews



© 1998 David P. Crews


"Ship Bay " - Stills from an animation.

© 2002 David P. Crews


"Fall Garden Path"

© 2002 David P. Crews


"New Worlds "

© 2000 David P. Crews


"Personal Power "

© 2002 David P. Crews

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