Gallery Two
and Motion Graphics

Here are some samples of my animations and motion graphics in QuickTime4 format.

Some are commercial productions or elements, and others are direct creative expressions.

Obviously, these are highly compressed and scaled down demos. The original versions are broadcast quality.

(Click on any frame below to view. Use Back button to return. QT4 is required.)


©2002 David P. Crews - All rights reserved.


3D animation spot for The Austin Symphony, includes 2D motion graphics elements



2D motion graphics spot for a website developer.



2D cell style animated character, with 2D motion graphics elements.



3D animated character done in Lightwave, with extensive 2D elements.



Totally 3D animated commercial with original "Bo The Hippo" character animation.

TV Commercial (movie)



Totally 3D animated commercial with "Bo The Hippo" (some 2D motion graphics elements included).

TV Commercial (movie)



Totally 3D animated Demo open for Time Warner Cable with 2D motion graphics elements included.

TV Demo Animation



3D animated Logo with 2D motion graphics elements.

Animated Logo



3D animation logo for my own production company.

Animated Logo



3D animated logos for a local company.

Animated Logos



"Pyramid" 3D animation.

3D Animation



"Purple Flyers" 3D animation.

3D Animation



Animated commercial - mostly 2D with some 3D elements composited in.

3D Animation



Commercial with the 3D Bo the Hippo character included, with extensive 3D set elements and 2D motion graphics.

TV Commercial (movie)