Chaco –

___Further west, and accessible only by desert dirt road, is a focal point of the Anasazi - the old cliff dwellers and town makers.

___If some future culture of man were to attempt to decipher our vanished society merely from examining our long abandoned and ruined churches and temples, or our empty building walls and the traces of our long uprooted roads, they might not be able to form a cogent vision of our complex lives. This is what it is like to come into Chaco Canyon.
___Pueblo Bonito, a World Heritage Site, still stands here, and if you listen with your head turned sideways and look with a narrow and numinous gaze, you can hear the echo and sense the shadows of the Anasazi priests and clansmen who once made this unlikely nexus the very center of their universe.

___Everything once led here - here to Chaco Canyon. Here to the Middle Place.  

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